Master Enterprises has always been at the forefront as an integral component in the industrialization of country's economy. 1988 saw the foundation of the Procon Engineering which rapidly grew to be a totally self-reliant composite manufacturing facility in an area of 48,007 square meters that currently manufactures:

1. All types of Automobile seats
2. Sports car seats for Export
3. Reclining Mechanism with Side Assembly
4. Automotive fabrics
5. Roof headlining (moulded, suspended & perforated types)
6. Door Trim (Moulded & Flate Types)
7. Steering wheels (PU-Type)
8. Rear Package Tray
9. Sun visors
10. Fender Liner / Engine Under Cover
11. Sheet Metal / Body Parts
12. Armrest
13. Floor Mats
14. Wiring Harness
15. Cargo Deck
16. Chassis Frame

Today , Procon supplies finished products of high quality to car ,truck, bus, motorcycle, pickup & tractor manufacturers like Suzuki, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia Motors, Daihatsu, Hino, Nissan Diesel, Volvo, Honda Motorcycle, Yamaha Motorcycle, Suzuki Motorcycle, Millat Tractor, Al-Ghazi Tractor. Moreover , Procon has the distinguished honour of exporting sports car seats to USA , Europe & Asia. With the ability to produce 4000 seats in a month on a single shift basis, Procon has the capability to fulfill any requirements for car seats or interior.

With a strength of over 600 employees comprising of skilled workers and highly professional management staff, Procon has a marked technical edge in its field . A belief that a company's greatest asset is it's people has lead Procon to implement an employee training program designed to help the worker improve his performance and contribute positively to the group as a whole. An inherent desire for technical excellence lead to the achievement of ISO 9002 certification.

The success of Procon is based on the management's philosophy of involving the employee in the product's quality related decisions at all levels . Each worker is trained to be a quality inspector , to remove the defects at the source. Giving the worker responsibility contributes to their own experience, knowledge and creativity.

With time Procon has certainly proved its mettle as the leading car interior and other component manufacturer. future has still more to offer. Procon still has more to prove.



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