We at Procon are commited to developing long term relationships with our customers .
To do this effectively and consistently , we will :

Fulfill our commitments
Be dynamic and up to date
Be cost effective and transfer this benefit to the client
Provide strong technial support
Develop the internal customer concept at all levels
Promote activities over continuous improvements
Develop awareness of customer product requirement at all levels

Managing Director



Quality Assurance

Quality assurance takes on a special meaning with the involvement of the workforce at all levels. Employees are encouraged to think of themselves as quality inspectors and have the authority to stop the production process if a problem is detected . The KAIZEN (continuous search for better way) philosophy encourages them to contribute to the planning process, specifically in organized Quality Assurance Circles , comprising management and workers. Each worker is responsible for the quality of product at his stage and has the authority to withhold it from the next process if unsure of its quality .

This Quality Assurance System is designed to eliminate problems and defects at source, to minimize finished product rejections.

All finished seats are rigorously checked on the final assembly jig before they are stored for delivery.







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